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  • How does counselling look like?
    Initial 1-2 sessions are focused on building rapport, which lays the foundation for a solid therapeutic relationship. In the 5-6 sessions that follow, you may see signs of clarity and change. The frequency of these sessions solely depends upon the disclosure of the concerns shared and the therapist’s recommendations. It is important to schedule the sessions in advance to avoid any last minute hassles. The day and time of the sessions will be scheduled on mutual convenience. To have a deeper understanding of the issues, it is recommended to have face-to-face sessions. However, in these millennial times, online platforms have also proven to be beneficial in therapy as it brings privacy, accessibility and makes it hassle-free. However, it is my responsibility to inform that the online session is not a quick fix to your concerns and may take more time to show results as it lacks in-person interactions. The general frequencey of session goes from "once a week" to "once in 15 days" and towards the end "once in a month" and then the "closure". *The frequency of therapy/counselling may wary on case to case basis"
  • How is my privacy and confidentiality protected?
    Respecting your privacy and confidentiality are one of the most important values for HopeAlive and the key element in building trust and autonomy. HopeAlive shall not reveal information about you to any third party without your consent, only in some exceptional situations. These exceptional situations may include protecting the client who is causing serious harm to self or others. In such circumstances, HopeAlive has an ethical responsibility to act in ways which balance the client’s right to confidentiality against the need to communicate with others.
  • What is the mode of sessions?
    Sessions are conducted on Zoom, where you can choose audio or a video session as per your confort and ease. Once you have booked a session, you shall receive the link for the Zoom Session before the scheduled time.
  • What is the duration of a session?
    The duration of a session is 50 minutes, however if needed the session may extend for another 10 mins based on client and therapist availibility (with no additional charges). In rare times, when the time exceed even after 10 minutes of extention, the time spend from 50 minutes onwards will be calculated and charged based on the time spent.
  • How to book a session?
    To book a session, please share your preffered time and day availibiltiy on Watsapp on +919716765235 and based on that we will share availablw slots for the day. Once you select the slot a full advance payment needs to be made 48 hours in advance. You shall receive a confirmation message once payment has been successfully credited.
  • How can I make payment for booking the sessions?
    INR: Payment can be made using UPI and Bank Transfer Other currencies: Currently payment is only accepted using PayPal. HopeAlive is in process of adding payment gateway options to accept all credit and debit cards.
  • What is the price of booking a session?
    Details mentioned in book now page of the website.
  • Can I make payments after taking a session?
    No, as per HopeAlive policy a session can be booked only after make advance payment.
  • Can I talk to a counsellor to understand the process of therapy?
    Yes, HopeAlive provides free introductary calls. Please Watsapp on +919716765236 or email at for booking a time slot for an introductary call.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    1) Bookings are non-refundable 2) The session can only be rescheduled/ cancelled 24hrs prior to the scheduled time and date. 3) Cancellation/ rescheduling within 24hrs of schedule time would lead to no refund.
  • What will be frequency of the sessions?
    It is recommended to have sessions once a week in the beguinning. There are clients who take sessions twice a week or once in 15 days as well, however in later case the results may be delayed due to large time gap. Deciding the session frequency is a collaborative process that a client and a therapist can arrive at based on the need and requirements. *The number of sessions may wary from case to case.

If you would like to connect or know more please do not hesitate to call or WhatsApp on the number below, and I will respond within 24 hours. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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